Which site hosting account will be most suitable for me?

There are different sorts of web hosting solutions suitable for different websites with regard to the system resources or the website hosting environment they require. To select the most proper hosting service for your online portal, you must calculate what server-side software programs it demands, how many daily visits you anticipate at the start and in the future, as well as any other special needs that may need to be covered.

Shared Web Page Hosting - Dividends

The most appropriate choice for small websites with several hundred or webspace hosting, each client pays only for their plan, which reduces the overall price per customer considerably. There are different web hosting packages differing from one web hosting supplier to another, supplying different quotas of disk storage and traffic, different mailbox account quotas and so on. The benefit is that you can order a package that will include the specifications your web portal really needs. You will not have to pay lots of money for a package you will not utilize, or end up with a small plan that cannot accommodate the web site. At AutomatedWebhost.net, there is a vast array of shared hosting solutions suitable for private or small business web portals that even provide pre-installed script-driven systems like Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or WordPress - to make it easier. If you kick off with a low-cost plan and you need more system resources, moving to a high-end package demands only a click of the mouse.

Shared Web Hosting - Weak Points

A weak side of the shared website hosting environment is that the hosting servers have some software applications installed on them and you cannot activate new software applications. Specific web portals, especially web stores, demand applications to be available on the hosting server for them to operate, and with a shared web page hosting plan, you can activate only software programs that do not request root-level access.

Virtual Web Servers and Dedicated Web Servers

For web sites that need complete root-level access, or if your web portal has many thousands or even 1 000 000's of visits per day, what you require is a VPS or a dedicated server. A VPS is a virtual emulation of a dedicated machine and it behaves in an absolutely identical way.

Virtual Private Hosting Servers

Both services normally offer root access and can be rebooted via a software program by the customer, independently from the web hosting company. Much like the shared web hosting packages, the virtual hosting server and the dedicated server web hosting packages include different specifications depending on what the hosting vendor offers. A VPS web server hosting package includes guaranteed server storage space, random access memory and CPU usage quotas that can sometimes be expanded for short stretches of time on condition that there are spare system resources on the physical server. With a dedicated web server, the only limiting factor is the hardware equipment it is utilizing, and it can be upgraded by changing or adding components. A virtual web server is easier to run as it comes with a virtualization software platform, which can be utilized to reboot it, to install applications, examine stats, etc. The management of a dedicated web server is more complicated, so such an account would rather be resorted to by experienced users.

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Yet, some hosting companies offer managed dedicated web server hosting solutions where they perform dedicated server administration assignments instead of the client. This can be included in the package or an extra upgrade.

Prior To Reaching a Decision...

Settling on the top hosting plan is crucial as it can affect the proper work of a web page. Prior to selecting a package, weigh the pros and cons, inspect carefully all the requirements for the website to work properly, especially if it is script-driven, and, last but not least, if you have already chosen a web hosting company, the best thing to do would be to ask their client support team for an opinion as to which particular plan would be best for the stable performance of your website.